SiOCX TF Sockets: Improving Quality of Life

The most common question asked about any prosthesis is, ‘How well does the prosthetic limb improve an individual’s quality of life?’ An effective prosthesis can be life changing. The SiOCX TF sockets are prosthesis designed for transfemoral amputees that provide ‘superior functionality, hygiene, and comfort’ while improving their user’s quality of life significantly.


Developed by Ottobock, the SiOCX TF and the SiOCX TF Pro sockets combine new innovations with established methods. While the SiOCX TF has a closed carbon outer socket, the new SiOCX TF Pro comes with a frame socket made of carbon prepreg fabric. Compared to the SiOCX TF, the SiOCX TF Pro provides better ischial tuberosity support owing to the presence of stable lateral and medial arms. The lateral and medial arms are dorsally and ventrally connected with a Dyneema band that ensures static and dynamic stabilisation. The SiOCX TF Pro offers high flexibility and at the same time maintains a stable volume and a secure hold. Besides providing greater flexibility, the SiOCX TF Pro, also provides a better sense of the surroundings for the user. For instance, the user can sense seat surfaces and his or her sitting position much more clearly. In this way, the user feels more secure when sitting, particularly on narrow surfaces. The frame socket of SiOCX TF Pro also enables the user to sense objects in trouser pockets or other environmental contacts as if it were a second skin.


Both the SiOCX TF and SiOCX TF Pro sockets enable superior functionality owing to the use of HTV silicone in the inner socket, which is securely screwed to the stable carbon prepreg outer socket. The HTV silicone provides high surface adhesion that ensures excellent fixation of the socket to the residual limb. This enables better control of the prosthesis. Furthermore, to improve the resilience and reliability of the SiOCX sockets, they are reinforced through a new carbon socket attachment block. The use of carbon in the socket attachment block and the outer socket provides similar expansion properties to the two components of the SiOCX TF sockets enabling an intimate fit and great stability. Additionally, the new non-stick coating and donning aid make putting on the socket effortless. The special non-sticking coating is present in the proximal area of the distal socket and enhances the comfort level for the user. 


The SiOCX TF and SiOCX TF Pro sockets are suitable for users at all activity levels and can be effectively used in amputees with short residual limbs or those who are sensitive to pressure. These sockets are very hygienic. The HTV silicone used in the inner socket is medical-grade silicone of the highest documented purity. The HTV silicone is dermatologically tested and hence, is skin-friendly, comfortable, breathable, and hypoallergenic. The semi gas permeable nature of the silicone allows moisture to dissipate in the “pre-sweat. The inner socket can be sterilized easily through immersion in boiling water and can be easily cleaned using soap and water. 


The SiOCX TF sockets provide a great level of comfort owing to the combination of HTV silicone and prepreg in one socket. Even in sensitive areas of the residual limb, the use of silicone with varying degrees of hardness and integrated gel cushions provide protection. The soft socket brim increases the range of motion of the residual limb making it easier to master everyday challenges. The socket accommodates shape changes effectively and increases the range of gait for walking or running comfortably. The residual limb can also better adapt its shape to a sitting position due to the stable, lightweight carbon prepreg frame socket and the flexible dorsal section in the closed outer socket variant. As a result, even sitting on hard surfaces and over extended periods of time feels more comfortable.

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